About Us

My Better Life are a small team of trained professionals made stronger by diversity of age, gender, body type, sexuality and belief. We provide creative and flexible NDIS Supports to People with mental health challenges 

Founding Member
Andrew Cawood

Andrew Cawood has worked in the areas of Mental Health and Disability for over 15 years.

Andrew identifies as a person with a lived experience of a mental health condition and makes use of this experience to inform the work he does with both customers and staff, by displaying compassion, understanding and unconditional positive regard to ensure all customers receive a high level of support to achieve the things which are important to them.

He is trained in the instruction of traditional Yoga and Meditation and incorporates principles of Yoga and Meditation into all aspects of life and work.

Andrew founded My Better Life in 2020, after realising the size of the gap in quality NDIS services supporting people recovering a better life in the presence of mental health challenges.

What We Believe

We believe that anyone can live their best life with the right help,  connection to others, their community and meaningful activity. We believe that everyone deserves a  chance to reclaim control over the direction their lives are taking, regardless of their upbringing, history or circumstances. We believe that everyone can have a better life if the conditions are right and we work hard to create these conditions within our community to ensure all people have what they need to create a better life.

How We Work

Mental health is not just the presence or absence of symptoms and mental illness is not just a problem faced by individuals. When a person feels connected to something, whether its friends, work, nature, community or country, this creates the conditions where they can recover a better life. A life of meaning and purpose. We work to create these conditions by supporting people to work with what they have, to connect with those around them and to build a better life.