Lady with garden carrots

Loneliness and Isolation can be a symptom and an effect of poor mental health. It can be challenging in our modern global community to find a place and connect with others, even if simply a trip to the supermarket. Exploring ways of connecting with the community can feel daunting, but the payoff is extraordinary. With the right supports, anyone can start to feel a part of something bigger and even make a positive contribution to their local community.

Health is more than just the absence of symptoms. Health is the presence of the right conditions for healing, growth and regeneration.My Better Life is all about helping you create these conditions in your home, garden and wider environment. Because mental health is not just for those who experience symptoms, it is a fundamental human right and one that can be realised with the right help and small changes adopted regularly with courage and determination.

Exposure to natural environments has been show to reduce anxiety and lead to greater feelings of wellbeing. We don’t always think about or make the effort to get ourselves into natural environments and so we can sometimes get caught up in the hustle and bustle of urban life, missing out on these live giving benefits. Our supports help you connect with natural environments to put you back in touch with what nourishes and supports better mental health.

Work is not just a source of income. It gives us a sense of meaning and purpose and links us in to the social fabric of our community. We know all about the barriers to work and help people to connect the dots to find meaningful activity in their lives.

The “self” is a term used in spiritual traditions to mean a sense of deeper meaning and purpose in life. This could be achieved through yoga, meditation or even finding a church or spiritual tradition that gives life new meaning. it can also be as simple as finding expression through art and creativity.